Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day



Leo got roseola and was a poor miserable soul.


Uncle Jakey came into town.

Johan, Henry and Thea had a Mother's Day meal Friday night for Abuela along with Grandpa, Uncle Kaleb and Apollo. I stayed home with the sickie. 


Signed kids up for swimming then took the madre and myself for a pedicure and manicure. 

Henry had a soccer game.

Brothers and Henry took the madre out to lunch and brought some home for Johann and I who stayed with a grumpy, roseola Leo and passed out Thea. 

I went and enjoyed an entire two hours picking up things I had put off getting and doing a little shopping. Amazing. 

Madre and boys came back from the movies and we all hung out until far too late.


Had pastries and eggs for breakfast.

Opened up a 'zoob elephant' Henry made me and read the card and poem they made with daddy.

Spoke in church on womanhood.

Came home and had roast all together.

Jakey left.

Went to bed.

 My mom and her little brood.

Me and Mine :)

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Maren said...

Good looking mama and kids! Love Thea's headband. She looks a lot like you in that picture of you as a kid.