Saturday, June 13, 2015

A day at Huntington Library

One of the Saturdays in May we signed Henry up for a class through the Huntington Library. The class was on greek myths and the teacher took them around the statues and told them stories from Perseus to Athena and gave a little information on architecture. Henry's favorite architectural term he learned was 'dentils,' "because they look like teeth!" 
Henry loved the class and had no problem engaging in the material and class despite being the youngest one there. I'm glad he loved it so much. 

 Sketching ideas for his own myth

Working on his own tympanum for his myth.

The myth he came up with was how we got water. There was a giant serpent that was taking over and fighting against Zeus. When Zeus finally killed him his blood fell in spots on the earth then spread across turning into streams and rivers because this serpent's blood was water. 
Explanation of a natural phenomenon-check
Really graphic-check
Greek myth-check! 

While Henry and Johann were at the class, I had Thea and Leo with me in the greenhouse and children's garden. It was a little cool and overcast which was actually perfect for the three of us and didn't keep either of them away from the fountains.

 The green bean teepee sending out 'smoke' 

We headed back towards Henry and Johann and stopped by the drop-in craft table where the kids (and some adults) were painting sticks.

Once we met up we worked our way over to the Japanese garden for a little then had to head back home for Johann to go with the new converts for a baptism trip to the temple. It was a good Saturday!

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