Friday, June 12, 2015

Henry turns 7

Last month we celebrated Henry's 7th birthday. Someone on facebook pointed out it should be impossible for me to have a 7 year old when we hadn't been out of high school 10 years yet. haha! Henry is the best surprise we've ever been blessed to have! 

Henry's birthday morning he woke up to a few decorations in the living room and some balloons in the hall. We had pancakes per his request then did a few normal school things. 

After lunch I took the kids to Barnes and Noble to get Henry his free cookie and let him pick out a birthday book.

That night when Johann came home we went out to dinner at Red Robin for Henry's birthday dinner.

Back at home Henry had some little helpers with opening his gifts from Grammy, Abuela and Grandpa and Uncle Aaron. Our gift to him was going to Knott's Berry Farm the following week.

Then cupcakes and "Happy Birthday!"

Henry is definitely our most sensitive kid. He reminds me of me when I was young except without having been trained by three brothers (ie crying will get you teased and make your life worse so DO NOT SHOW EMOTION). That night after cupcakes while he was getting into jammies he just started crying and saying, "I'm so grateful for my birthday and everybody who loves me! I'm just so happy!" And probably exhausted and coming off a sugar high (cookie, ice cream, cupcake...). Either way, I'm glad he is remembering to be thankful!

We love you, Henry Dean!

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