Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Break 16

Day 1: Ikea

Day 2: Sleep, Zootopia, catching up, Henry to piano and soccer, and mommy and Thea time.

Day 3:Donuts and the Natural History Museum

 sorry Johann, it was the best one of the kids. 

(Gone with the Wind dress they randomly have. I was so excited!)

Leo's first trip the NHM
 His second trip, just under two years later. 

 My favorite part, learning about the desert tortoise. Also learned squirrels are not native but were brought as pets, and possums were brought as food. mmm. 

Day 4: Pasadena's huge fancy park and the Huntington Library 

 Henry carrying around Johann's binoculars, not a purse. He's quirky, but not that quirky.

Remember this cute picture from a year or so ago? We thought we'd give it another try...
 Yeah, didn't happen.

Day 5: Checking out trails in Yucaipa, lunch at the park and the downtown Yucaipa antique shops.

 In this area we saw an owl and hawk fighting it out over territory. It was pretty intense, especially to see an owl during the day. The owl won. 

Weekend: Conference, and resting before heading back to day to day life.

It looks like Elder Oaks doesn't think Thea's Capt America costume and cowboy hat are a good match.

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