Wednesday, May 25, 2016

End of 2nd Grade

First and last day of the 2015-2016 school year. Henry doesn't seem as drastically changed as Thea and Leo. Originally I was trying to just get a picture of Henry but when the other two saw him stand against the wall for a picture they lined up right next to him. Oh, now you all like taking pictures for me? 

We ended our year by going to a park play day for our charter school. They brought popsicles and cookies and the kids all played, and I even got some information from other homeschool moms about lessons, and groups etc. I'm not very good at making homeschool friends for the kids so I made a goal to at least make one today and I did! I remember being surprised about how nice the kids of all ages played together so well at the park day last year and that continues to be true. I love seeing the older kids helping and the younger kids following direction from them. Leo mostly hung out with me or Thea. A girl a little older than Thea took her under her wing and they played pretend puppies, while Henry shifted from one group of boys to another until he found a some siblings and their friends and played with them, then requested we all do another park day soon. A good end to the 'formal' homeschool year. 

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