Thursday, September 18, 2008

California here we come!...or came and went rather...

This past weekend we took a trip to California to go to a Brian Wilson concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It was my present to Johann for our 1 year anniversary since we didn't get to do much on the actual day (Henry was just five days old!).

So we left early Friday morning and Henry was actually really great on the car ride. I think he's figured these trips out and realizes that sleeping is probably the best use of his time during them. Thank goodness for that!

Friday night we mostly rested from the trip and I did a little shopping with my mom for something to wear for our family portrait. I'll probably be posting some of the three different family portrait sessions we've done since Henry was born in another post. Geezo.
Saturday morning we took a family portrait with all my brothers and mom; the photographer was a little whacky but they turned out pretty good anyway. A
After that, we went to Riverside with my mom and brother Jacob to have lunch at Johann's parents and see the rest of the BYU game. Must have been a sad day for UCLA. Then we headed to Downy to see the Rafferty's who have been family friends since forever. Their dog Dandy is a little people shy and while sniffing Henry's feet, Henry actually 'growled' at the dog and the poor thing ran away into the other room. Oh Henry...
Jacob took us to a nearby 'park and ride' so we wouldn't have to deal with parking and traffic while my mom, Karen, Shannon and Jacob stayed in Downey with Henry. Thank you for watching him! We boarded the bus and we were off to the Hollywood Bowl.

Neither of us had ever been so it was pretty hilarious to see the Hollywood Bowl crowd with their cheap wine and plastic whine glasses, hanging out on picnic blankets. Maybe I've been in Utah for too long, but there was SO MUCH BOOZE! Johann joked that he was starting to feel a little tipsy just from the smell. We got to see the ramification of all the alcohol as the concert went on, you know, people dancing crazy, singing loudly, accidentally punching people in the head...wait, is that normal? Anyway, it was pretty interesting.

People looking over at drunk guy who got a little too dance crazy and hit someone in the head
Despite all of that, the concert was lots of fun! We even ran into one of Johann's friends from High school! First the LA Phil played a movement from the Marriage of Figaro, then one from Bach's toccata fugue in D minor and something from Gershwin I had never heard before. Then Brian Wilson and his band came out and they all played one of his new songs together. The majority of the concert were Brian Wilson/Beach Boys classics. It was so neat to see him up there performing all the songs he's written over the years-so talented! Then at the end there was an awesome fireworks finally-way better than I expected. We got some shirts and headed back on the bus and both fell asleep. Man were we pooped. We've turned into late night sissys but I guess parenthood will do that :)

Aside from Johann getting sick the next day we had a really fun weekend, it was nice to go to the concert on a date, I think the first one since Henry's been born! It was a good trip and we can't wait until we get to move back to California for good!


Megan said...

Okay so that sounds WAY fun! I wouldn't dream of taking Carter on a car ride longer than an hour these days. He is not the biggest fan of his carseat. What a treat to get away and have some fun!

Ashby Family said...

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. That sounds like a fun present/trip look forward to the family photo opp. I'm sure one day I'll get around to posting the one we did in Utah, maybe : )