Saturday, September 20, 2008


Johann turned a whopping 24 this past Tuesday! What an old man ;)

It was so nice to celebrate Johann's first birthday with Henry here. Much better than his last birthday when I was in my first trimester. Unfortunately, the day started out with Johann having to go to work and then I had to go to class. After we went to Carabbas for dinner with Bryan and Natalie. Thanks to Johann's parents for paying for the dinner! Then we headed back to our apartment for presents and cake.

Johann made off pretty well. Natalie and Bryan got him a deck of spanish cards and the new Brian Wilson CD with DVD-pretty sure its his favorite present since he's watched the DVD about four times and has kept the CD playing in the car since he got it. So thank you! Henry got him a 'Brian Wilson Surf Club' hat (notice a theme to this birthday) and I got him a messenger bag (hey, he asked for it for his church notebooks and what not, I'm not trying to metrocize him) and an MP3 player. To wrap up the evening we had cake and played Pick up Sticks-none of us had played it in forever-but it was pretty fun!

On a more personal note, anyone who knows us, knows we're not very good with PDA and that I'm pretty bad about expressing certain kinds of feelings but I do was to say that I am so grateful to be married to the most kind, sweet and good man I know. He does so much for our family. He is so good to me- every morning when I hop in the shower (usually after he's already off to work) and see that he's put my loofa in front of his just so I don't have to take his off to get to mine, I'm reminded of just how sweet he is and how much I love him. Thank you sweetheart. I hope to share so many more birthdays with you!


Adán said...

Hey bud, Happy B(elated)-Day!

You guys are the best. keep pluggin' along.

Brianna said...

Man I can't believe we missed your b-day. Like Adam says, happy belated birthday! Hope to see you guys when you move down here. Have fun up there in utard! Love you two!