Friday, November 21, 2008

6 Months Stats

Today Henry had his 6 month check up and aside from needing to get a few prescriptions due to his diarrhea I'm glad to report that he's good and healthy!

Height: 26inches/29.77 percentile
Weigh: 15.5lbs/12.93 percentile
Head Circumference: 16.92inches/25.29 percentile

So he is still a bit on the small side but the Dr. said it is nothing to worry about since his proportions are right on. The Dr. mentioned his size probably being one reason he eats so often even at night (thats right I still get up on average every two hours at night to feed Henry). He did say however that he should start sleeping more in the next month or so-oh boy can I hope.

Henry got his last dose of the oral rotateq and his first DTap. Yes, that is about four months later than when most babies get it but we're spacing his vaccinations out. I know lots of people don't believe that vaccines have any effect on babies other than what they're meant to but considering I don't react well to medicines like vicodin I tend to disagree with the idea that all medicine will do the same for all people and cause the same reactions. Okay, there is my rant. If you're interesting in spacing out vaccines too, leave a comment and I'll email you what we have on how to schedule them. *Hops off soapbox*
In other news Henry is full on crawling now which means I have to be extra vigilant about sweeping the kitchen floor-ha. He is also trying to stand independently. He gets himself standing up on the bongos then takes his hands off and can stand for 1-2 seconds then falls onto his bum. All I can say is Heaven help us if he starts walking soon too. We've already had to move the living room table to the office room to prevent accidents from crawling. I can't believe how fast he's growing up!


Megan said...

He has great stats...he is just a little guy. A 1/2 inch shorter than Carter and a pound lighter. I am SO sorry he still gets up so much to eat at night - hopefully when he eats more solids that will get better. I an interested in her vaccine info - I was trying to do what you are doing, but I am ending up just spacing them out, like he goes in every months for shots - not what I had in mind. I would love your input! And way to go on your soap box - I am impressed!And I can't believe he is crawling and pulling to a stand - what a mover!!!

Brianna said...

Wow, his stats, that is amazing. He is a little guy. considering Izabella was checked a few weeks ago and she is already 25 inches tall! Crazy huh, She is really skinny though, she is going to be our supermodel in the family. We knew that one day one of us was going to have one, hehe. I would totally love to hear about how you space out the shots, we are behind on Izzie's but I am not to keen on the whole shot thing for babies.