Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time to collect Social Security because baby, you're getting old!

Six months-I can't believe it! Looking back at our pictures from the hospital just makes us realize how much he's changed in so short a time.

In honor of Henry's six month mark, here are six "Henrisms":

1. He loves waving his nakey bum in the air. That's right, you take that diaper off and he goes to town. Giving him a bath can be impossible some nights because he wants to roll over in the water and stick that little tush of his up in the air, same applies to diaper changing time.

2. If its musical he wants it. Papa's guitar, bongos and keyboard all really belong to him, just ask Henry. =)

3. When Johann and I both sing the 'opening song' for Family Home Evening he thinks its a performance just for him and sits there beaming.

4. During dinner time he doesn't want to be on the floor, in his crib or swing; he wants to be at the table with mama and papa.

5. You can tell when he's really tired at night when he gets silly and laughs hysterically at basically anything. He goes between lots of laughter to crying to laughing.

6. He is really a 43 year old man trapped in a babies body. He is so frustrated with not being able to move as much as he wants and he's pretty serious, especially with strangers; not a big smiler for those he's never met.

As far as development goes he seems to still be one the smaller side for his age, we'll find out for sure next week at his checkup.

He's been sitting independently for a while but now he is pro at sitting himself up, even in his sleep-whenever I hear him cry at night to be fed I walk in and he's sitting up in his crib, crying with his eyes closed.

He still doesn't have the crawl down completely, he can wiggle worm/crawl all over but not as fast as he'd like to. His favorite places are under the table and in a little corner between the tv stand and couch.Lots of times after he wakes up from a nap he pulls himself up on his crib railing, I thought putting it up all the way would encourage him to just sit nicely in the crib until I could get there, but he just stretches harder. What a stinker. In addition to that he is determined to master pulling himself up on his little swing in the living room and has actually done it a few times. Its funny watching him balance the back and forth as he tries to pull himself up. He's going to have amazing balance!

As you might have noticed from the post below, he's not all that interested in eating solids yet-at least not apple sauce. We were trying that because he was having some bowl issues and the nurse said to try apple sauce; we'll probably start trying rice cereal in the next few weeks or so.

Well, there is what is going on in the life of our little 6 month old Henry!
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Bryan and Natalie said...

I miss him! We need to come over again sometime! When I start getting paid and Bryan finds a job and starts getting paid, we'll feed you so we can see him! And you two of course! Or we can have a game night...that's something we can afford!

Delatore Family said...

Wow, He is so cute! We still need to meet know, introduce him to Ava.

Megan said...

Holy moly! You have quite an advanced child - I can't believe how mobile he is already. Carter can barely sit up on his own let along pull himself anywhere. Henry is just so cute - are you going to Cali for Christmas????

Ashby Family said...

6-9 months are my absolute favorite baby age. They are so aware and happy. As always he is adorable! : )