Thursday, January 8, 2009

!Ay Chihuahua!

While we were in California for Christmas break we had a chance to go see my Grandma Fern in Hemet. Since the last time we saw her, my Uncle Gary got her a little chihuahua named Princess. I was a little nervous about Henry being around a dog, but boy was I nervous for the wrong reason. That little dog had to run for her life because Henry was trying to love her to death. I have never seen him so giddy and excited by anything! ever! The whole time we were there he was not content to sit in anyones lap, he just kept straining to get out and get to that little doggie. Poor Princess handled it as best she could but by the end of our visit she started hiding on top of the couch where Henry couldn't get to her. It was pretty hilarious.
It'll be fun to tease Henry about his love of a chihuahua named Princess when he's older but it'll be even better to show him the pictures of the first time he met his Great-Grandma Fern. Grandma Fern is so hard working, funny, compassionate and incredibly sharp for a lady her age. I only hope I can be like that too!

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Bryan and Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, that is the funniest thing! He makes such a funny noise everytime he touches that dog! What a cutie! Maybe you should consider getting one yourself ;)