Saturday, January 17, 2009

News Years Eve-Wild...Animal Park

New Years Eve we went to the San Diego Wild Animal park with Johann's parents, brothers, sister and her husband. I was a little nervous about how Henry would do with such a long outdoor day but he did fantastic. When I was a little kid growing up in California I use to wish we would have "a real winter" but after experiencing that and then going back to a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day on New Years Eve, I think I would settle for a 'fake winter'. =)

I love this giant rhino statue they have at the entrance. One of my favorite pictures from childhood is of me and my three brothers and friends sitting atop this guy!

Everyone was so helpful with Henry the whole day. I think from now on it will be my policy to only go to parks with 8 other people besides Henry. Everyone took turns holding him when he got sick of being in the stroller, which was of course, almost immediately.

He was pretty interested in looking at the animals which surprised me because of how far away they were. He is looking at the gorillas

We watched one of the 'shows' they put on there and they brought a serval into the audience right past Henry!!!

This was one of my favorite parts on the tram-seeing a newly born baby rhino and mommy-so cute!

And of course we had to see the elephants! My favorite part =)

And here is Henry watching a giraffe eat. They stayed up close like that the whole time we were there!

Finally pooped. He was so good the whole day and what a day it was! It will be so great to show him all these pictures when he gets a little older. I just loved it.

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Jordan McInroe said...

What a good looking family!! I miss you guys so much! !