Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Its nice that my moms birthday is right in the middle of Christmas and New Years because we always get to be home for it. This year the best husband and son-in-law decided to send me and my mom to the spa for her birthday.

I guess he looked at a couple different places and when he couldn't decide he finally gave in and told me what he was planning. He's terrible at being sneaky =) So together we decided on a newly build place called 'Day Spa Jolie' about fifteen minutes away from my moms house.

We drove past it once before the actual day we were going and it was just this gray building kind of in a weird spot so I was starting to think I shouldn't get too excited about what it would be like. Anyhow, we kept trying to keep my mom from making plans on her actual birthday morning since that was when we were scheduled to go, which proved very difficult but we managed. When we opened our gifts for Christmas we had her open a card with all the info so she would finally stop trying to make other plans. It worked.
So on the 30th we headed to the spa and wow was I impressed with how they had decorated. Everything in this funky gray building was sooo nice. We had 60mins of swedish massage and oh was it heavenly! They also put these really warm blankets on top of us and then warm towels and-ah, it was just amazing. I've had a knot in my left shoulder areas forever from carrying Henry around and this lady found that sucker and got it out right at the beginning!

Mom in the dressing room hanging out in the comfy robe.

After the massage they send you to the 'relaxation room' where you can just hang out and look at magazines and sip cool water to wake you up. Needless to say, it was the best start to a day I've had in a while! =)

Here we are before we go in for our massages. I hope I look that good when I'm 61!

That night we went out to Red Robin for mom's birthday dinner and it was nice to all be together. Of course we missed Hamp, but he's where he should be so everything was still great. My mom is one of the strongest women I have ever met. I get so frustrated sometimes just waiting for Johann to come home and help me with Henry so I can't imagine how she managed to raise four teenagers all on her own while working full time and serving in the church. I so grateful to have such an amazing mother who I know loves her children so much, she is my mother and best friend and I hope I can in some way give to her as much as she gives to me! Overall it was a great day and my mom and I both agree that going to the spa on her birthday needs to become a tradition. Thank you again to my other best friend and the best husband in the world!


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