Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nine is feelin' fine =)

Its so hard to believe but 1 year is in the not too distant future as Henry adds another month to his age. As I mentioned last month he is becoming a happier baby day by day. We never thought he would get to this point; we often thought he was just going to be difficult until...well, his twenties! We are so glad to see him growing healthy and happy day by day.

His 9 month stats:
Weight: 17.46lbs (9.27 percentile)
Height: 27.5inches (29.51 percentile)
Head Circum: 17.6inches (35.77 percentile)

He is still a little small for his age but nothing to worry about. It does crack me up though when people at grocery stores or wherever comment on him being 'a big guy' or ask what I'm feeding him to make him so big...are they serious? I'm thinking maybe next time I go I should pin his percentiles onto his shirt so people don't make ignorant statements that mildly annoy me anymore! Ah...good to get that out.

As far as development his determined personality has once again triumphed and he is doing a wobbly little walk. I think the most he has done all at once is maybe 10 steps or so. He is so proud of himself and I can't help but admit its kind of cute thought I'm sure it will bring on a whole new slew of ouchies and bumps.

His favorite game now is to roll my big blue exercise ball or his soccer ball back and forth. He still loves going out anywhere as long as he's not in the carseat. He is doing better with sleeping at night much to mine and Johann's joy. I really do love sleep.

He is eating lots of new foods and getting to the point where he wants to try whatever mommy or daddy is having. Hawaiian sweet rolls and ice cream (yes, we have daddy to thank for this, though it was only a few bites) have earned some of his most pleased reactions. He is turning into such a little person so fast; it is so much fun and still a little sad to see our baby grow up. I think my favorite new development is that he will allow hugs now. He has never been very cuddly, always wants you close but not cuddling and now he will cuddle for a little bit at at time! Yay!
We are excited for everything this little guy has ahead of him! Happy 9 months Henners!


Ashby Family said...

Wow, walking that's impressive. It is strange when people come up and tell you your child is so big. People tell me Ariana is all the time and I want to ask them "how old do you think she is?" because she is seriously only in the 25 % She is tiny for her age but talks enough to make up for it! I'm glad you are sleeping more. SLEEP IS HEAVEN!!!

Bryan and Natalie said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE he's walking!! Oh wait, yes I can, but he's walking!! How exciting! I can't wait to see him. I bet he's SO much happier now!

Megan said...

Okay, so I imagined him holding the side of a couch, letting go, and walking....not just standing up and taking those steps. He is amazing! I am so glad to hear he is becoming quite the happy Henry - I am sure he is so glad now that he can get around to where he needs to go!!! He is just so adorable!