Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Does this mean I can drive now?

On May 14th of this year at 4:55pm we burst out singing 'Happy Birthday' much to poor Henry's terror. I've never seen someone so scared and confused at having the birthday song sung to them. However, by the time his party day (the following Saturday) arrived he was ready for it and there was no crying to the sounds of "happy birthday to yooooou."
We set out for California early on the 14th (a Thursday) and celebrated Henry's birthday on Saturday with the family in California. His party was "Yo Gabba Gabba" themed (they're not scary-I promise) and he soaked up all the attention throughout the day. We mostly just spent time talking, playing with Henry, watching Henry love playing with the balloons and eating all the delicious food and cake. It was a good weekend and we're glad that Henry's first birthday was spent with family.
He is such a funny little guy with his sporadically serious or goofy moods. I think the word that would best describe him is "determined;" when he knows what he wants he doesn't stop until he can do it, get it or gets in trouble (and sometimes that doesn't stop him either). After long days when I rock him before bed and look at his sweet little face, I remember just how much I love having this little baby boy in my life. Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry two days old

Morning of Henry's birthday...around 5 am...

He left his Proust at home so he had to read his shapes book instead ;-)

Got a little over zealous with the sippy cup of milk

Party day. Henry's awesome Yo Gabba Gabba onesie with his name on it

Grandma Goodwin

Abuela Simonds

loving holding the balloon

Not loving taking this picture

Giving it a try

and its a hit

Henry loves his elmo

Helping mommy put his new tonka truck together

dancing the rest of the party away on his Yo Gabba Gabba dance mat. Woot!

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Stephanie S. Toone said...

Cute! I never got back to you about how we try to fatten McKelle up. Here are a few things: Stonybrook YoBaby Yogurt which is the only one I could find that is whole milk - cheapest at Target. We feed her cheese: string and cheddar. Graham Crackers, chips (Pringles are easy for her to eat), bagels slathered in butter, and pizza. Just stuff we eat that is bad!:) She doesn't drink whole milk too much but we do try. I'm still breast feeding her because she's never known how to take a bottle and has never liked formula when we've given it to her. It really isn't anything special - just look at the labels. The Beechnut Macaroni & Beef Dinner has 5g of fat which is pretty good.

Hopefully that helps?!