Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Provo Farmers Market and Cabelas

A few weekends ago the weather took a beautiful turn and we set out for the farmers market here in Provo. Johann wasn't too excited about going at first, but the lure of the possibility of good food for lunch helped get him there. We walked through the narrow path in between the separate booths, saw lots of little crafts and baked goods etc. Towards the end of the path we came across the booths cooking food and we got a burrito and Navajo taco to share. They were both really delicious and I dare say they will serve as strong incentives to get Johann to go back again some weekend.
Henry spent most of his time running around on the wide open grass and pushing the stroller along. I hope he still thinks pushing the stroller is awesome when another sibling comes along!
Afterwards we thought about going to Thanksgiving point but Henry was getting a little tired (okay-so we were too) so we decided to go see this giant animal mountain and aquarium everyone talks about at Cabelas. I'm not a big fan of hunting and sticking animal heads on walls (one, it freaks me out, two it makes me feel bad) but the little exhibits they had were pretty intense. Henry had big eyes the whole time and was pointing and babbling. When we got to the part with the bears he was squirming and trying his hardest to get to those bears...maybe he wanted to pet them? Crazy kid. Then we saw the aquarium which in my opinion was better than the "aquarium" we saw earlier and it was FREE. =)

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