Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Since we've been in Utah

Before school started for Johann we decided to take Henry for his first trip to Temple Square:

Pioneer log cabin

Church History museum, Johann is napping in one of the beds from a boat that brought converts from England to America.

I don't know if this area has existed for long in the museum but they now have a childrens section. Henry LOVED it. Above he is in the nursery play area.

Having fun in the rocking chair

Touching a part of President Hinckley's walnut tree

Henry the Shepard. He really liked his robe and kept it on the majority of the time he was there.

Walking the straight and narrow path.

He really liked carrying around the "River of Filthy Water" sign...

Henry giving a conference talk

A display of all that President Hinckley has done.

Salt Lake Temple

Henry slapping me in the face while trying to take a picture in front of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building...motherhood is always so tender...haha.

Reflection pond

We've been enjoying morning walks, Henry is all ready to go!

Henry is ready to head to school

Really back at BYU and embracing it.

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