Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Birthdays!

September and February are always busy months with back to back birthdays in the family. February Natalie (Johann's sister) and I celebrate our birthdays and in September Bryan (Natalie's husband) and Johann celebrate theirs.
First we celebrated Bryan's birthday on the 4th with pizza, presents, pass the pigs and cake.

"Party Central"

Henry giving Uncle Bryan some birthday love

Probably Bryan's favorite gift of the night: two tickets to see Blink 182 compliments of his great wife Natalie.

Birthday victory achieved.

Twelve days later we celebrated Johann's birthday with dinner, presents, green cake and Beatles Rock Band:

Johanns Birthday morning discovery

I told him to look surprised...I think he was mocking me.

After Johann got home from school we took some time to go play at the park.

Johann requested a green birthday cake and so I made one. He said it kind of looked like a goosebumps cake.

Bryan and Natalie at Red Robin for Johann's birthday dinner

Birthday boy and family

Henry is a regular Beatle huh?

Bryan got an Ethier shirt and Johann got a Pierre one so now they can be matchy matchy. Tender.

If the guitar was turned around he would have looked like he was rocking pretty hard.

Celebrating birthdays are great! Hopefully Bryan and Johann enjoyed them thoroughly, I know I am thoroughly glad to have been able to celebrate them together!

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Bryan and Natalie said...

You're so sweet! Yeah, September and February are always fun! :)

PS. Sorry this comment is way after the fact. Blogspot hasn't been updating my page when people have new blogs, so I've seriously missed your last five blog entries. Lame