Sunday, March 28, 2010



The last time we cut Henry's hair was in July and it was pretty horrific. The lady had never cut a kids hair before and Henry, of course, decided to help by screaming and intermittently flailing his body around. The result was a really uneven and bad look for Henry until his hair grew out a bit.
Since he was getting a tail again and I wanted to make sure his next haircut was a good experience we decided to take him to Cookie Cutters out in Lehi. They have planes and cars and firetrucks for the kids to sit in, with tv and dvd players to watch a movie of their choice; they also have a little play place with a slide in the waiting room. One of his friends was due for a hair cut too so we planned to meet up with them and let the boys get their hair cuts together. I thought with all those distractions, no way could it be as bad as last time.
Problem 1. I got the directions on googlemap before heading out. It was only going to take around 30 minutes so we had plenty of time. In fact, by the time we exited I was afraid we were too early and it would be hard to make Henry wait the extra time. But, never fear, our directions took us west of the freeway when we should have gone east. We ended up in Saratoga Springs ( I think). I called my friend who was taking her son in the same day and asked what the place was next to. She said Wal Mart, Anytime Fitness and Chase bank. I look at all of these and still, to no avail do I see the place. And then....
Problem 2. The car starts to overheat. I'm talking smoke coming up out of the hood and all. We pull into the Wal Mart parking lot and luckily my mom is with me and has ample experience in this department. She goes in to get the coolant while I call the actual hair place to ask for directions. I tell her I'm in the Wal Mart parking lot and she says just keep going in that parking lot and I'll find the place. Its right there. At this point I'm really having a hard time because we had circled that thing three times already. I hang up anyway without clarification, Henry has had it and is screaming to get out of his car seat. My mom comes, we get the coolant in. The smoking subsides and things with the car are looking a bit less grim. I call again and the same woman answers and figures out I went the wrong direction and tells me they are east of the freeway. We head back in that direction and finally find the place and my friend there with her son and daughter. Phew. I'm still amazed that there were all the exact same gyms, banks and stores in the shopping center we were lost in only 10 miles down the road. uhg.
Problem 3. Henry is so excited to see this place! He is happy, happy, happy. He picks a Thomas DVD and gets into his airplane and starts steering and making airplane noises. Then I go to grab the camera for my mom who wants a picture of it. And then I hear the blood curdling scream. Apparently Henry remembers exactly what having a cape put on means and he is not down for it. He is waving his hands and yelling, "NO, NO!" while my mom and the woman about to cut his hair are trying to calm him down. So we decide to go cape-less and then out comes the water and the scissors. At home if I flick water at Henry while doing dishes his giggles with delight. Not so this time. Basically he cried the whole time with a few moments of calm in between when I could get him to talk to me or when I could ask him questions like if he wanted to call "Nana or Bry Bry" (his aunt and uncle) after to tell them about his haircut.


Thanks to the patience of the lady cutting his hair, it didn't turn out too badly. She just trimmed it, per Johann's request and it looks a lot more clean now. He was happy as soon as the scissors stopped going and he and his friend could run around hitting each other with their balloons and go down the slide.
So after having three different hair cutting experience with Henry, I've decide next time, I'm shaving it. =)


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