Friday, March 12, 2010

Time suckers

One of my friends posted this article on facebook; its a good reminder about how I do spend my time and how I want to spend my time. Anyone else have great suggestions about how to avoid those time suckers? I'm thinking one of my time suckers is my getting ready in the morning process. Maybe I'll start timing myself and seeing if there is a way to streamline it. One that I plan on incorporating right away is getting my name off of email subscriptions for places I never order from but will waste time checking anyway everytime I see a new email in my inbox. Also, I need to find a number of times to limit checking my gmail. I'll let you know how my plans pan out. Wish me luck.


Lauren said...

I just cut my hair all off to save time with my morning routine. My hair used to take FOREVER to make look good because it was so long. Now it's only takes 3 minutes to blowdry, and like 7 to straighten. I also like to trim down Sunday dimmer prep time by making crock pot dinners...they're really yummy and take less time. I'm trying to figure out how to cut my cleaning time...I feel like I'm cleaning ALL the time!

Lauren said...

"Dinner" I mean ;)