Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goals check

January and February flew by for me. I could never keep track of the day of the week. I suppose thats rather usual since I've been out of school though. Anyhow, since we are now 1/6 of the way through the year (yep...thats a standard form of dividing up the year...trust me) I thought I would just do a little check up on my goals for the year. I've rarely made any new years goals or if I have, I never planned on how to actually keep them up. This year I think I've done a bit better. Little by little and all that, right?

1. Complete Henry's 1 year memory book
So far I have the majority of pages done. To be completely honest however, it shouldn't have even taken this long considering it was a premade scrapbook my brother bought me as a Christmas gift the Christmas before Henry was born. I just need to print some more pictures that are small enough for the certain spaces.

2. Make 72 hour kits for the family
Zilch. But it is on my weekly check list so I plan to start making a list of what we need in our kits this week.

3. Hold weekly family home evenings and plan them a month in advance
Partial on this one again. We've had them but January and February were not planned a month in advance. However, I rectified this with March and came up with a "curriculum" if you will for each Monday of the month to follow which will make planning so much easier.

4. Get second blog up and running
Remember Hamlet? Remember thinking, "HAMLET! Stop brooding and planning and thinking about it. JUST DO IT. DO something, ANYTHING." Yup. Inaction. I think about this constantly but can never get myself to do it. sigh.

5. Forget all my stupid and embarrassing moments in the past; sans the ones that make me laugh rather than cringe
Check. Done a pretty good job with this one surprisingly. Maybe my daily stupidities and embarassing moments have finally become sufficient for me. hooray.

6. Attend the Temple as a couple monthly
January, check. February, fail. Actually I thought about not even making this goal because we've been pretty consistant for as long as I can remember. Maybe February reminds of why it needed to become a goal.

7. Go to ward activities
Haven't been any. This isn't really an activity crazy ward. Can't say I'm disappointed by that.

8. Learn the new family search
In progress. I got all our info on and immediate family and added a line worked on by one of Johann's aunts. I'm still working on the whole finding new ancestors thing though.

9. Read through the standard works
Yup. getting close to finishing The Book of Mormon and the New Testament. Kind of cheating on this one because I had already started both before the new year. I need to give myself plenty of time for the Old Testament though.

10. Accept help
I think so. Last week Johann noticed the toll staying inside for almost two weeks straight with a sick toddler was having on me and said, "Next week, you and Rachel go out to a movie or something and I'll watch Henry and Abigail." Instead of saying, "No I'm probably just being a baby" or something like that I said, "thank you. I will take you up on it." And so we have a girls night planned. yay!

11. Take a family portrait
We're scheduling it for April or May depending on the weather. I've looked at a few photographers online but anyone have any reccommendations?

12. Read 15 novels from master book list and 5 scholarly texts
This is the one I'm surprised at myself about. I thought, no sweat but I have managed to slack way more than I thought. Part of the problem is I meander into portions of other books I've read just for a bit and then go back. I've been doing that a lot with some C.S. Lewis stuff.
So far I've got Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights finished along with one of my scholarly texts- History in Practice by Ludmilla Jordanova. I'm almost finsihed with Stories of Anton Chekhov. I cannot even explain how much I am enjoying it. Now I don't know how the other translations are, but I love this one by Volokhonsky and Peaver. I need to decide what I'll move on to next.

13. Clean up no more than twice a day (minus the kitchen, my OCD just won't allow that to stay dirty for very long quite yet).
Yup. Pretty proud of this one actually. And I even used the dishwasher a couple times. Usually I can't because I get annoyed how half the time it just doesn't do the job. So I'll pat myself on the back for this one.


Amber Lenora said...

curriculum... hahahahahaha. Love it. I need to do a little check up for myself...

Maren said...

Wow, talk about raising the bar. Sure we all make goals, but now we're supposed to remember them two months later as well?! Hm, as for photographers, I know of a couple...one was in my ward last year and just graduated with her BFA, she's REALLY good (maybe you saw the photo exhibit in the HFAC/HBLL on Eve? That was all her). Her website is hardiephotography. The other is a former roommate. She does this cool thing where she does a 15 min session with 10 edited pics on a CD for only $25. I like the price on that one, photographers aren't cheap these days. Her website is simplykaits. Both are blogspot.

I'm chugging through War and Peace much faster than expected and I love it. I was trying to figure out why I'm on such a Russia kick and then P reminded me that it's because we went to Harbin. I'm obsessed for the moment. Longingly contemplating Russian classes. I think I'll go for Chekhov's short stories next. I'm glad that I have you as a fellow Russian lit buddy to recommend stuff to me.

And I totally, completely, 100% understand the kitchen OCD thing.

Aaron and Devon said...

I can take your family photo's for you if you want. Photography is one of my side hobbies. I have done lots of engagements, weddings, and family photos. But no pressure- just an option.

The1stdaughter said...

Wow! Are you sure you didn't serve a mission? Because all your goal setting and checking sounds just like what we did on my mission. Way to go with all of your accomplishments thus far! I'm sure the rest of the year is just going to keep getting better and better!