Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today was Henry's last day of Tumbling Tots, aka, gymnastics for kiddos 2-3.

They each took a turn showing their favorite trick and then got to stand on a little podium to receive their certificate and 'medal'. It was actually pretty cute.

Henry proudly showing his certificate

After everyone got their medals, the teacher called for party time and whipped out some goldfish and animal crackers and the kids sat together for a snack and then got to have free time.

some of the kids from the class having their 'party'

What I learned from taking Henry to gymnastics follows:
1. He is really good at the beam. He rocked that beam.
2. He is terrible at somersaults.
3. He is really good about being kind when he is interacting with other kids in general, and when they do things like take his turn or push him etc. Most of the time he just shrugs it off.*
4. He can be a pretty darn good listener for a two, almost three year old.
5. I need to be better about taking him to groups with other kids. He loves it and I won't lie, I love getting to be around and talk with other adults!

Hopefully wherever we end up we can keep having Henry involved in some fun community activities like we've been able to do here.

*Funny story: the first day of class one of the girls was being really pushy and you know, acting like a 2 year old kid can act. We have a very strict no hitting kids back policy for Henry, though I was tempted to rescind it with this girl a few times, so he would usually move away from her or say stop. Well, I guess he was sick of it when it started happening on day 2 again but instead of hitting back, this little guy, and he was indeed little compared to her, decided to use, here it comes, presence. He walked right up to her and just stared her down and wouldn't budge. I wanted to die laughing. The funniest part- it worked! She left him alone and pestered other kids instead. Ha! She eventually mellowed out too and was fun to have there. I think she was just a little over-excited the first few classes!


Bryan and Natalie said...

Yeah Henry! Take them down with sheer intimidation. Haha. What a good kid he is.

Rachel said...

How fun! I love that staring down the girl worked.

SSToone said...

Awesome story! What a kid! McKelle would love to do something like this and yes, I'm excited for pre-school!

Jeff and Lauren said...

That is so funny! I don't like the whole hitting back thing either but Jeff is always like, "If the kid deserves can give him a punch, Ava." I'm like, "Jeff!!" Oh sheesh!

Ashby Family said...

He is a really good boy. I can't believe how he handled that situation with the little girl. That will be a great one to keep telling as he gets older : )