Saturday, April 30, 2011


The week after we got back from Las Vegas, we headed to my hometown, Apple Valley, Ca for Easter week. It's always fun to go back, eat at our favorite places, remember growing up there and seeing our families.
The week consisted of:

Playing robots and aliens with Abuela & Grandpa

Playing drums

Riding on Papa's longboard (oh and getting a haircut from Vinnie)

'Meeting' his cousin, Max.

Visiting Lake Greggory and Arrowhead

Then came the weekend. We decided to celebrate Easter the way one of my friends mentioned on her blog last year, which is to do all the bunny business on Saturday and leave Sunday to remember the ultimate meaning of Christ's triumph over death.

Saturday's surprise from the bunny. He made out well this year. Probably due to being in CA where there are three grandparents.

Since my mom was a kindergarten teacher for a while, she had all these fun Easter games to pull out and play. Henry loved throwing eggs in the blow-up bunny's basket.

Johann's parents came out to Apple Valley and we all dyed Easter Eggs. Henry's had a robot on it.

The finished products.

We went to my mom's ward's Easter picnic and egg hunt that evening. Henry loved running to look for the eggs.

Off he goes!!!

Happy to have found some eggs.

Sunday morning Henry got to put on his new easter duds thanks to Grammy Goodwin.

We went to my mom's ward and enjoyed a good sacrament meeting as well as good lessons. We talked with Henry about what resurrection means and how we can live again and our bodies will never be sick. He still is grappling with understanding coming back to life, he would usually say, "He died, but then he wasn't really dead." =)
We had a quiet day at home and had a family dinner that evening.

I'm so grateful for the resurrection. To me the blessings of the resurrection mean the joy of health, the lack of worry and sadness over illness and loss; the mercy of God and His Son made manifest and the knowledge that we'll be able to live again with those we love and miss. It is the triumphant Christ who has overcome sin and death and who will again come to bring an end to all sin and sadness in the world.


Joshua and Rachel said...

The idea of doing the candy part of Easter on Saturday is really smart. I love Henry's Easter outfit, it is so cute.

Ashby Family said...

That's one happy little easter buddy! I hope you guys recover from all your visitors and trips soon. Sure looks like Henery has had a lot of fun though.