Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome Baby Cash!

Around 2am on Monday morning, my cousin's wife, Catrina, gave birth to their second son, Cash Robert. I got to take Henry Monday morning to see the brand new little guy and it was so sweet. I haven't seen a baby so new in a long time. Congratulations to the Frederick family!

My uncle Jim holding his newest grand baby.

Getting ready to let Henry hold Cash.

Do you see how excited Henry is about holding him? On his own he said, "I want to hold the baby!" He then commenced thinking he was in charge of Cash and even wanted to be the one to take him back to his mommy. I think not, Henry! Gotta be a bit older for that.

Finally getting to hold him. Henry was funny about keeping his head up, a little over vigilant. He kept putting it further and further up until he was too far up and we had to readjust.

Isn't Cash so sweet? He just slept sweetly almost the whole time we were there.

Last picture with the baby.

Henry LOVED the baby. He held his little hand, stroked his head, cuddled him to his cheek and even baby talked to him. It was the sweetest I have seen Henry in a while. When we got home he told me he wants baby Cash in our house, if only his mommy would go for that, Henry! =)
Hopefully some day Henry will be able to have a little baby in the house. He might be a lot of things but I think Henry will be such a good big brother. He may try too hard to be in charge of 'his' baby but I think he'll be great. Someday.

Until then we'll just have to soak up this new little guy and my other cousin's baby coming soon!

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Joshua and Rachel said...

Awe how sweet! That is so cute to see how kind and sweet kids can be!