Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Photos

I was just working on posting about the end of our Utah Boot List when I realized I don't have our computer but my moms and therefore I don't have any of the pictures. Instead I thought I'd post the pictures she has on hers of some pictures she scanned from my grandma. I really like these photos.

My great grandparents on my dad's side. Rilla and Hampton. My little brother is named after him. According to my Grandma Fern he was the kindest, sweetest man she ever knew and treated her better than anybody.

Mattie Jean Keenan. My grandma's grandma on my Dad's side. She was Cherokee Indian. That makes me 1/16, right? I think that's pretty cool. I wish I had know about that during college scholarship applications.

Grandpa Haskell. My dad's dad. Out on the farm.

My dad with his dad. Oh wow, dad, nice shirt. It was the 70's. I guess he deserve a break.

Grandpa Hat (Haskell).

Grandma Fern and my dad.

My dad, the stereotypical child of the 50's.

My dad. Isn't he adorable?

Dad again. I love this picture.

My dad ay a high school dance.

My half brother Micah

My grandma Fern.

That wraps up the ones I liked the most. I love seeing these old family pictures.


Jeff and Lauren said...

Those are neat pictures!

Joshua and Rachel said...

I love looking at old pictures. I love the ones of your dad, he was such a cute little boy!