Friday, October 14, 2011

You've had a birthday (month late edition)!

This past September Johann turned the big 2-7. I keep telling him if he hits thirty, I'll have to trade him in for a newer model. It just seems weird that soon one of us will be in our thirties. There is no denying it, you're a certified adult at that point, or you're ridiculous for not becoming an adult by then. I think he's pretty well on his way to certification though.
So on to the big day.
Since he is merging into total adulthood, he, sadly, still had to go to work. So Henry and I prepared while he was gone. I made the cake while Henry sat next to me, sneaking crusts from the layers whenever possible. That was basically his lunch.

Johann asked for a polish honey cake. The only fancy dessert I know how to make. He then further asked if it could be green as an ode to his 2009 cake. I didn't know how dark green would look so we went with a very, very light green.
All decorated and ready for Papa to come home so we can celebrate.

Johann decided to open his cards before dinner. Henry was very willing, as always, to help. Thanks to our generous family Johann's been able to get some new church and work clothes, which is great considering most of his stuff was held over from his mission still. Yes, it was time.

Getting ready to head out to dinner.

Dinner at Red Robin with the cousins, we didn't get a chance to snap a pic of Nancy before she had to take off and pick up her girls. Thanks to everyone for coming out with us!

Oh, yes. We moved into the 21st century and have a Wii. Since we don't have cable this was actually a much cheaper option and my mom and I went in on it together for Johann's birthday. Johann's been so kind as to let us all use his birthday gift too. We really enjoy having it.

Johann and his birthday present opening team.

He got some more Wii stuff, a second controller and wheel. Then he also got this little fella above from the Berkley collection. We're hoping to start collecting more of these.

I think it's safe to say Johann had a very nice birthday. Thank you again to the cousins for coming and celebrating with us, and to Natalie and Bryan for skyping in to sing Happy Birthday to Johann, it meant a lot! We are lucky to still get to have family around to celebrate and play with.
Happy Birthday, Johann! We love you!


Joshua and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Johann. You are getting old! 3 years til you are 30. It will go by fast. It looks like you got some really awesome stuff. Happy really late Birthday from the Ellars.

Aaron and Devon said...

Happy birthday (a little late). If it makes you feel any better, I turned 28 this year and Aaron turns 30 in December =)