Monday, October 3, 2011

Gettin' the Boot.

Remember how we made a Boot list? I never updated a second time on those activities we managed to get done before we left Provo. So here is our final Boot list update, since we no longer reside in Utah.

Simonds' family Utah Boot List:

1. Attend a session at the Salt Lake Temple We're lame, we never managed to get out there. This is still something I'd like to do someday though.
2. Go to the Gateway Discovery Children's Museum Check
3. Go to the Springville MOA Noppers
4. Go to the BYU MOA and eat at the MOA Cafe. yumm...Nope
5. Visit Logan and/or Ogden. (We've never been north of SLC so we thought we should give it a whirl) We did it! Woo. It was getting a little pathetic there. We went out to Ogden and visited our friends Kelly and Nate who went with us to the dinosaur museum out there. Pictures below.
6. Visit one of those fancy SLC bakeries Check
7. Go to a BYU performance Check-I think we'll count Seussical for this though it wasn't an actual BYU performance unless we can manage something else. Hey it was at BYU so it kind of counts.
8. Attend the SLC symphony or opera Check
9. Eat at Diegos I can't remember but I think we did...
10. Go bowling at BYU or FatCats Went bowling at FatCats. All the intense rave light action was a little much though and I was afraid Henry was going to have a seizure. It was still fun though. I think Henry actually won...hey he had a stand and bumpers! And Johann and I stink.
11. Hike the Y Probably one of my favorite things we managed to do. We saw Llamas coming down with a camping group and talked to a really nice family at the top.
12. Drive the Alpine loop Check, I believe...
13. Ride one of the city buses Didn't get to it. Some day we'll be citywise though.
14. Visit Manti and see the temple Sad we didn't get around to this one.
15. Go to the Cathedral of the Madeline Sad we missed this one too
16. Attend a UofU symphony or Opera performance I'm starting to wonder why we made a list...we didn't even do half, did we? Wait, 11/19 oh good. We didn't completely fail.
17. Visit Magna (I know...but Johann's grandma was born or grew up there so he wants to see it)Check
18. Go to the Scera pools/splash pad Swimming and packing took over and this did not happen.
19. Eat at the site of the first Crown Burger Check

Here are the pictures of the activities we did after the first update. Enjoy.

At the dino museum in Ogden. Henry loved the robotic baby triceratops. Didn't love the robotic trex however.

Sorry, Johann, too good to pass up.

Fat Cat's for bowling.

The balls Henry picked kept getting heavier and heavier until he managed the above.

Hike up Y mount. We started doing more little hikes as a family before we moved and Henry loved it. On one of the trails at the Bonneville shoreline Henry rant he entire way in, probably about a mile or so. Of course we had to carry him most of the way back, but I found that pretty dang impressive. I think it'd be hilarious if we had a little runner considering Johann and I both do not love just running for running's sake. Either way, kid likes to move for sure.

Can you spot our apartment building?

The llamas! How crazy is that?

Baby llama. It actually came right up to us, so I, of course, freaked out and stood on a bench.


Here's to the end of our Utah boot list. Maybe we can take an extended trip when Johann goes back to defend his thesis and do some of the things we neglected. Oh, Utah. I did not appreciate thee as much as I should have until the end, and of course, now. Being human. Sheesh. Goodbye, Utah. We'll have fond memories.

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