Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shark Reef and Red Rock

At the end of February we headed to Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef. Too bad we didn't know CCSD workers get in for free the first weekend of the month or we probably would have waited. Nevertheless, we went and had a good time.

Henry was terrified almost the whole first time through.

Johann trying to get him to get next to the glass. He was afraid everything would all the sudden pop through the glass and get him.

In the tunnel. Johann stuck his hand up to 'touch' the belly of the shark and Henry screamed and pulled Johann's hand down and then yelled, "DON'T DO IT!!!"

He was however good with the jellyfish.

Yay-proof I was actually part of a family outing =)

After we made it all the way through, Henry literally dragged us backward through the aquarium and made us go a second time so he could enjoy without feeling mildly terrified.

It isn't hugenormous so it was worth it to go through a second time and have him really enjoy it.

Then, earlier this month, Henry's preschool class took a field trip to Shark Reef. Since he'd been through twice, he felt like a seasoned pro.
Can you tell how excited he is to go?

Henry and his friend Shelby. He told me once she is his girldfriend, she is, of course, the only one smaller than him and more sassy. Oh, Henry, you would. No worries though, we are all about cooties here now.

Checking out the kimono dragon

One of the highlights was in the last room where the kids got to see a diver go into the shark tank and swim with the sharks while they cleaned the tank.

After they went through the aquarium, the guide took them to a learning room and did all kind of activities with them and they had a whole wall that was part of the stingray aquarium.

The weekend after Henry's field trip, we headed out to Red Rock for a little hiking. We did an easy trail that was suppose to have petroglyphs but sadly they were closed off because some morons sprayed graffiti all over them. uhg.

Entering Red Rock

Hiking the trail

Henry found a cave 'just his size'

Lets give it up for the sick, pregnant mama who still didn't pass up the pretty day for a hike. woot.

End of the trail-victory!

Once we got home, the boys passed out hard. No wonder Henry wants a uterus, even if it's a teeny tiny one, boys- such sissies!

It was a fun hike, perfect amount of easy trail and rock scaling for Henry. He absolutely loved it. He is our little outdoor boy. The only downside, apart from the petroglyphs being blocked off, was the group of dummies who set themselves in the middle of the trail for a smoking and booze party, at 12 in the afternoon, and on the family trail. LAME. They also had friends further up the mountain that we unfortunately discovered by smelling their pot. I kind of hope they fell and broke a leg or something. Aside from those little reminders that we are definitely not in Utah anymore (not that it doesn't happen, just seems fewer and further between and not in the middle of the day for heaven's sake) it was like the fun summer of hiking we did before leaving there.

Hopefully this burgeoning belly continues to cooperate and we can have lots of nice hiking trips out there ahead of us before it gets too hot.

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Lowell said...

I'm impressed you go hiking...really I am. I am not very outdoorsy and Lowell is always trying to get me to go. Maybe you have inspired me, just maybe though.