Wednesday, March 28, 2012

General Conference Magnet Board

I tell ya, I'm not crafty or creative, so when I had this 'awesome' idea for an activity for Henry during Conference, I was pretty crest fallen to see The Friend had pretty much beaten me to it. I still like my version of laminating them and making them magnets better and it actually made this project easier on me to get the pictures from The Friend. I still have to cut the little slits in the chairs and podiums but I need to wait until I get to my moms and can use her exacto knife.
Hopefully between this and the other pages I've printed out from The Friend Conference this time will work out much better than when we did the apostles on mini candies and Henry had a sugar high half-way through the first session.
Happy Conferencing with kids, everyone!

General authorities, chairs, and podium retrieved here
Topics (from bingo squares) retrieved here
Dialog bubble made in Word

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Lizaveta - Konfeta said...

This is a great idea, I ma going to make it next time for Liza:)))))