Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's the plan

I made an unwritten goal to try and keep blogging weekly. I think I'm doing alright with it but then there are weeks like this week where I can't really think of anything to blog.

But I am sick with a nasty cold and sitting on my duff, completely ignoring Henry's 2 hour screen time rule and thinking-well, I could at least blog.

Which brings me to the point of this post-we've had some people asking about our plans, so here is a little run down of what we're thinking/hoping/preparing for within the next few months.

We're in Las Vegas/Henderson now while Johann finishes his internship. The internship ends in June. To graduate, however, he has to also complete his thesis. Currently he's trying to convince people to be apart of his research group but has had little interest. It really might come down to paying them (don't worry-it's ethical) 20 bucks or something to be interviewed.

If he manages to finish on time and pass his thesis defense, he'll graduate in August.
If he doesn't, I'll cry, scream into a pillow, curse whoever and whatever I can think of and then we'll try to find a district that will hire him on in some capacity while he finishes his thesis and then graduates in December.

Whatever happens with graduation, we'll almost certainly move back in with my mom towards the end of June when our contract is up. Since my little brother will be married and off at BYU-I by then, Johann and I will be in the guest room off the garage (which has it's own bathroom-yay) and Henry will be in the room we normally stay in across the hall from my mom.

Now you're thinking-hey, did you forget you're suppose to have a baby around this time, lady?

In this case, I suppose I can say, luckily, I don't seem to go into labor. The doc and the hospital here are not up for a vbac so I'll have a scheduled c-section, probably around July 6th. So I will plan on driving out for an appointment between moving and delivery and then we'll come out here to deliver. My cousin has graciously said we could set up camp at her home while it all goes down and if for some reason that doesn't work, we'll book a hotel room for whoever wants to stay overnight.

I do have a OBGYN in Apple Valley just in case something happens there. I still have to talk to them about their willingness to take care of me in case of an emergency but I will get on that.

Otherwise, I feel good about sticking with our doctor here.

So right now, Johann is applying for jobs, mostly in Southern California. He'll apply here in Las Vegas as well, though we would much, much rather go to Souther California, for pay, living and family considerations. Since a lot of districts won't know their budgets until much later, we're trying to be patient and I am telling myself I won't freak out until the end of July if he doesn't have a job yet.

And that's that. We'll stay with my mom until we find out where Johann's job is and then we'll move accordingly.

Now you know what we're planning, or rather guessing will and can happen. Hopefully this time next year will be a little less full of moving and suspense!


Melissa said...

I think you should apply for jobs in Richfield UTAH. Just an idea. You look great by the way! Miss you!

Jami and Rob said...

So great to hear what you're all up to. Hang in there! You have a beautiful boy and another beautiful baby on the way. Such an exciting (and tiring) time. You look fantastic!

Maren said...

The waiting game is so hard. But that'd be cool if you ended up back in Southern California, I think it's a pretty good place. :)

Joshua and Rachel said...

It sounds like you have a lot going on. But it sounds a little exciting and scary at the same time. I am excited for you though. Is Johann looking for students or adults to interview?