Thursday, March 7, 2013

8 Months

The little woman is 8 months old! Her personality is starting to come out more and more every day and it is fun to get to know her better. Here's a bit about miss Thea Bea at 8 months.

Health/Stats: She is a healthy little girl with no issues to report and is now almost all caught up on her immunizations. While her health is good, I may need a back adjustment from carrying her about because she is now 21.5lbs! Henry was only 19 when he turned 1 so this has been something I have had to get use to especially since she likes being held a lot. She's 26.25 inches, so on the shorter side too. She a little chubby ball of cuteness.

Eating: She still primarily nurses but I also take snacks with me to church or when we go out for when I want to wait to nurse her. I also give her bits of what I eat when I can- banana, bread, peas etc. She is not at all picky. She even sucked on a mandrin orange the other day which is something Henry never would have done. I've decided that baby food is a racket and also totally unnecessary for her since she'll already eat whatever I have anyway. I still have a package of peas and carrots so I'll use those up and then no mas.

Mobility: I'm fairly certain she will never crawl. I guess it's too undignified for a lady or something. She is interested in walking still and in the past two days she has pulled herself up several times and can walk along objects like the couch, crib, toy trunk etc and go from one object to the next to continue walking around. She does seem to have a harder time going right than left for whatever reason. She still does her backward scoot when she has to be on the ground and is a pro at scooting around on her bum.

Personality: It turns out our little miss is quite a cheese ball. And a screamer. eek. She was doing her pterodactyl screech almost constantly for a while about 2 weeks ago but has finally calmed down on it. Now she does more growling noises than screeching. I'll take it. She makes a noise and when I look at her she just smiles and laughs. She is more interested in toys, her surroundings and people than ever before. She loves being tickled and cuddled and has started giving lovely opened mouthed slobber kisses on the cheek. Henry makes her laugh more than anyone else but she also knows to be wary of him at times and will give him the funniest look. It's fun to see more of who she is each day.

Hey! I want my hat back. 10 points to anyone who names the author!

Happy 8 months to our sweet baby girl! 


SSToone said...

I know it was a long, difficult journey to get her, but DANG! She's the most beautiful baby! Every time I see her I think that. I know everyone says every baby is cute to be nice, but this is the for real truth!

Aaron and Devon said...

She is so adorable!

Maren and Patrick said...

Okay I don't know the author, but OH MY GOSH that dress and that baby.