Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home Schooling v. Public Schooling: Decision

Public schooling.

Let me esplain why.

I think it may have been obvious that I was leaning toward home schooling Henry when I wrote my initial post on home schooling v. public schooling. I still do believe that home schooling may be the best thing for Henry and our family. There are 3 main reasons why we've decided to go the public school route for now though:

1. The age difference between Henry and Dorothea. I feel if they were closer in age, say only 18 months or even 2.5 years apart, I could adapt the lessons I was doing with Henry to also be of benefit or fun for Thea. The fact that they are a full 4 years apart makes that much more tricky especially since she'll just be a toddler when he starts K. As I pictured it, it seemed like I would be giving Thea things to keep her busy and she wouldn't have much attention, or she would be getting into everything while I tried to work with Henry.
2. Homework. I found out the school we are zoned for doesn't give homework in kindergarten. This was a big one for me. They have a reading log and a monthly art project they do. That's it. I think our family can adapt to that. Now when we read to Henry we just have to mark that we did and when he feels like drawing or doing an art project, we just have to have it follow the guidelines for his monthly project. It shouldn't take too much away from our family time after work. I was very, very happy to hear about that!
3. Our location. One of the people I talked to about homeschooling lives in an area where they can send their kids to art classes, music classes, creative writing classes etc. Most of the kinds of classes I would like Henry to be in are about an hour away from where we live. I am happy being in a quiet town but lack of outside classes/programs is definitely one of the drawbacks.

For those 3 main reasons, we've decided to go ahead and have him in kindergarten for this year. Also, his teacher will be someone I grew up with and was in my homeward for a number of years, the school is five minutes away and, I remind myself often, I can always pull him out if I feel it isn't working.

Since making the decision (about a month ago) I vary from feeling sad and missing him to relieved and excited (you know those days where you would send your kid with the circus if it came by). I will miss having him around to be sure, but I am also trying to remember the positives about it and if Thea allows it or I can find someone to watch her I'll volunteer in his class and still be as much a part of his education as possible.

Now on to the next decision-to have him wear the school uniform or get a waiver? =)


Bryan and Natalie said...

Let me know how it goes. I've recently starting thinking about home schooling (nothing serious yet), but I think my main thing is not feeling confident about making and actually carrying out lessons every day.

Joshua and Rachel said...

Good Luck. I am sure that Henry will love school.

Maren and Patrick said...

Does your school have half-day or full-day kindergarten? I didn't even realize homework in k was a possibility, so I'm glad your school doesn't have it. I still haven't made up my mind, but I have awhile. I'm sure it's really nice to have made a decision and be able to move forward!