Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day

Getting to sleep in, get presents and not make food=
a Happy Mother's Day. 

I love Thea's face in this one. 

I also love ribs. 
And green beans. 
And corn on the cob. 
I may have not had to eat dinner that night. 
Did I also mention that they fed us pie during the third hour of church? 
Marie Calendar's pie. Man, it was good. 

Now I'm enjoying my kindle and looking forward to getting a massage at Glen Ivy with my mom before the baby comes. I'm pretty sure I milked this Mother's Day dry. If this 'holiday' is going to come and have to be celebrated anyway, may as well try to enjoy it, right? =)


Maren said...

I got the same box of Sees truffles for Mother's Day and the next day R found it in the pantry and dumped it out. The joys of motherhood. :) Happy Mother's Day!

Rachel said...

This sounds like such a nice day. You deserve it. Happy Mother's Day!