Sunday, May 25, 2014

101 in 1001 Update

Hey, remember over a year ago when I made 101 goals to do in 1001 days? I didn't either until recently.

I've definitely hit a third trimester slump and feel blah, meh, eh, mah. I feel like I don't care about anything or do anything worthwhile. I thought I should make goals but then I didn't want to. Then I remembered this list I made and thought maybe I could go over it and check off what I've done and I'll feel better like I haven't been a total failure as of late. It kind of worked but mostly I felt like these goals must have been lame if I've managed to complete any because, really, 'what have I been doing with my life?!'
With that enthusiastic preamble, here are the goals I've managed to finish in the past year:

Start date: April 24rd, 2013. 
End date: January 20th, 2016
1.Finish Anne of Green Gables series
I loved reading these. But the later books also made me feel like I was the worst mother ever and Anne the best. Then I remembered she had a live in maid/cook/babysitter. I think I could be more fun if I had one of those too...
2.Go a month with no treats.
Pretty sure I did this in June but I can't remember if I did for the whole month so I'll do it again to make sure I'm covered. 
9.Welcome a new member of the family
He'll be here in less than two weeks! 

11.Purchase a new vehicle
We purchased Groucho the Sienna mini van in March and I still really, really love driving it. It's going to be so convenient for when I'm toting the car seat with the baby and the stroller etc.  

29.Go to a museum I've never been to
The San Diego Natural History Museum this past Spring break

30.Purchase an original piece of art
I bought "The Gardener" by Elise Wehle and I absolutely love it but I still haven't been able to settle on how to frame it. I'm still mad at myself for passing up an earlier one that has gone on to win some awards and what not. It's cool to know someone who is so talented and I'm glad she's getting some recognition! 

38.Go on a hike
In August we went on a hike in Big Bear at Grays Peak with Johann's brother and his girlfriend who were visiting 

41.Go to Disneyland with the kids
Good thing we already did this one for Henry's 5th birthday last May since the prices keep going up. 

52.Get a pet
We did get a red eared slider turtle from some people in our ward who needed to get rid of it for the space and then we gave it to my sister in laws brother because it stunk up Henry's room and we needed the space for Thea. Poor Phineas just got pushed around a lot. 
53.Go to the movies 10 times
  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  2.Catching Fire
  3. The Lego Movie
  4. Frozen 
  5. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  6. Despicable Me 2
  7. Monsters University
  8. Turbo
  9. Planes
 10. The Butler
 11. Saving Mr. Banks
Looks like I should have made this goal-'go to the movies 10 times to see non-kid movies'
57.Read the Book of Mormon w/Henry
We're not done but I think for morale's sake I should say we're in Alma! It's going to be a slog through there but we are that far. Anyone have any ideas on how to get through the chapters dealing with Ammonihah? We're just getting to Amulek preaching and I'm getting nervous about explaining the subsequent chapters. 

76.Do a swim class with Thea
I did this last Summer and Johann will get to this summer since I'll have the baby
88.Read 50 books
Since the beginning date:
1. The Book Thief
2. Anne's House of Dreams
3. Anne of Ingleside
4. Rainbow Valley
5. Rilla of Ingleside
6. Daniel Deronda
7. The Hunger Games
8. Catching Fire
9. Mockingjay
10. Little House in the Big Woods
11. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
12. The Making of a Marchioness
13. Their Eyes Were Watching God
14. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Other Concerns
15. The Good Earth
16. The Glass Menagerie 
Looks like I better step it up if I'm going to meet my goal! 

91.Read a novel with Henry and 300 books with Thea
I've read three novels with Henry now- the first two from the Imaginary Veterinary series and 'My Father's Dragon'. I'm not sure how to realistically keep track of what I've read to Thea so I may ignore that part of this goal since she is definitely getting read to. 

92.Frame pictures for Johann's office
A wedding pic and a couple kid pictures. We should probably get his diploma framed next. 
98.Ride a horse
Yep. And now I know I never want to do it again. In case you forgot or never read the post, here's how it went
101.Invite 5 other families/couples over for dinner 
So far we've had one other family over. It was good but we're definitely slackers on this one. I'll blame being pregnant. 

Well that makes 16 out of 101 in a little over a year and I've only got about a year and a half left. Yip. I guess I should look at my list more and at least try to get, what, half done? I know, always the over-achiever. Until the next goals update.

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Rachel said...

I think you have done a great job at those goals! Being pregnant is a very good reason, so I say you are doing great!