Friday, May 16, 2014

Some School Happenings

A few things from this last part of the school year:

They made Easter cards.

Playing with Sprocket the rabbit and the baby chicks. I even helped move the chicks around which was mildly terrifying with my foul phobia but I did it. 

They had a field trip to The Pizza Factory about half a mile or so away. We walked over with the kids, made pizza, ate and walked back. The kids were really well behaved. It helped having 8 chaperons too, I suppose.
 Henry and his walking and pizza making partner, Ziyah. I love her. She is such a mommy and keeps Henry in line for sure haha. 
Noah, in the green shirt on the left was so excited to have Thea there. I think he is the youngest in his family and was excited to be around a 'baby'. He held her hand in the stroller on the second half of the walk on the way back. 

For three days after I took Thea with me to Henry's field trip she would say, "Pizza?" during drop off.

One of the things I love about Mrs. Rampley is she hates they don't get any funding for music or science any more and bless her generous heart she gets all the kids recorders and teaches them five songs during the year; for science she has a friend Mr. Lincoln come in every Thursday and do a science lesson-the last one was showing the kids how he built and operates a little robot. Henry said he could even make it dance.
Back to the recorders. Henry's class did a practice concert last month for all the lunch ladies at the school (how cute is that?) and then performed at the school talent show last week. Less than half of the class was able to make it but they did a great job!

At the end of last week the kids got to bring home one of the science projects they were working on, their body cut outs. They went over lots of their different organs, their functions etc. Henry loved it and asked to tell us all about it for FHE so we let him be in charge of the activity portion and teach us about how our bodies work. His favorite thing is explaining why the large intestine is called the large and the small the small intestine even though the small is longer. 

This week they've already had some fun activities and today they get to have their much anticipated teddy bear picnic. It seems like they basically get to play until school is out in only !8! more school days-woohoo!
I can't say I mind not having homework packets anymore either =)


Maren said...

Henry's teacher sounds awesome. Yay for learning. :) How is it already almost summer??

Natalie Jones said...

It seems like Henry is learning a lot in kindergarten! All about the organs? I'm pretty sure I didn't learn any of that until college.

Rachel said...

It sounds like Henry has an awesome teacher. Yeah for no homework.