Thursday, September 4, 2014

Odds and Ends of Summer

A few of the things we want to remember we did during the summer: 

Johann camped in the backyard overnight with Henry. I thought for sure Henry would want to come in because he would get scared but he did great. 

 A small but fun trip down the hill to a little splash area in Victoria Gardens followed by a trip to pick up empanadas from Empanadas To Go for dinner.

A few of the ladies in my ward had a little shower for Leo and he got this Batman onesie Henry was stoked about.

Our dear friends we met while in Provo were in California before heading off to Illinois for their new adventure where Lev will be teaching and conducting at Wesleyan University so we had to see them before they left. They had a little boy we never met and we had Thea and Leo whom they had yet to meet as well!

 (At one point I looked down and saw this, I suppose it's the older siblings job to harass their younger sibling)  
 We looked around the mall, let the kids ride the merry-go-round, chatted had ice cream, took the kids to the park and just had fun catching up. There is nothing like friends who you feel instantly comfortable with even after two years.

Henry's obsession on and off was making Word Girl cut outs as well as Skylanders.
And more plating. We sure did watch a lot of cooking shows...

 Finally the day came that Johann had to go back to work. So the kids and I did the best we could, we busted out the water colors and playdough and tried to make the most of the day until daddy came home.

Then the day before school started in the district here we got to see Abba girl, Dean and their mom as well as some other 'family' and friends. It was such a joy to see they kind of just pick up wherever they left off and to see everyone's families growing and everybody doing good things with their life. Hopefully we won't always live so far away from each other!

And with that, summer was finally, officially at an end for our family.


Maren said...

I am already looking forward to camp outs with dad in the backyard. I'm sure that's somehow unfeminist of me to say, but I don't care. Love the VG splashpad! And those Batman outfits are so cute together.

Rachel said...

The batman outfits are so cute! It was a lot of fun seeing you guys.