Thursday, September 4, 2014

San Diego and Oceanside

Last year my mom decided on a birthday tradition of going to San Diego. Since it was incredibly crowded in SD when we went last year we talked about staying in Oceanside this year instead. She thought this summer would be a fun time to test out a hotel in Oceanside to make sure there was enough to do for everyone. She booked a room but when the time came to stay, she was off in Utah on a sudden trip with a friend and they decided to stay to see another friend from Idaho. So off our little family went to test it out.

We started by heading to SD first to stop by Seaport Village for lunch and a look around.

 (I almost cropped out Johann and this weird angel on the the horses butt, I think everyone will appreciate I didn't.) 

Next we headed to the tide pools at Cabrillo Point. 

Once it was closing we headed over to Oceanside and the hotel. It was good we went to get the lay of the land; they don't have parking (you have to do valet), there are bellhops accosting you, you need cash for tipping, keys for the elevators etc, etc. I mean, the last place we stayed in had this was different for us.
Despite feeling a little out of place at first, once we settled into the room and got to the pool it was worth the awkwardness we first felt.

The next morning we got ready and headed to the beach which was about a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

The kids absolutely loved it at the beach. We only stayed a few hours because we needed to get back for check out (and we didn't want to stay too long with Leo) but I think they could have stayed all day. 

 (Leo's first time at the beach!)

Too soon we had to head back, pack up and head home. The kids are definitely Johann's when it comes to their love of the beach. I'm coming around to it now too. I've never been to the beach in the morning like we did this time and I really liked it. It felt so fresh and peaceful. Looking forward to our December trip!

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Rachel said...

I love Thea's hair at the beach pulled back in a pony tail, it is so cute! Looks like fun at the beach.