Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thea Turns 2

On July 6th our Dorothea Cristina Marie turned 2. 
But we celebrated her birthday on the 4th since we had a wedding the next day and a baby blessing the day after. 
Sorry about that, America.

 She enjoyed some birthday girl privileges that morning while I made her cupcakes. 

 We set up a bit. I was pooped so Henry actually did all the tapping of decorations on the walls and he couldn't have been happier or prouder of how he did it. 

 Thea was very quiet and shy for the first half of everyone's visit. Most of the pictures are of her shoving her hand in her mouth and looking down nervously. 

 So we went ahead and had pizza all together and hoped food would do the trick to bring her out of the funk. 

 Turns out she needed an uncle to chase her around the house again and again. 

 Someone has a little fan now. 
 annnd finally got a smile.

Playing with cousin, Apollo. 

Time for presents. 
She went around and had each person help open her presents. 

 Poor Henry picked this Rapunzel dress for Thea, sure that she would love it. To this day she refuses to wear it. Henry's still mad about it too. Siblings. 

Gift opening was a little exhausting.

 We sang Happy Birthday, which she cried through (my kids just do not like the birthday song), ate cupcakes, watched some world cup soccer and played with the new toys.

See those over-sized plastic princess shoes? Probably the biggest hit. Why do I ever spend more than 5 bucks on a gift for a kid?

I think Thea had a pretty good second birthday. She is our very goofy and gabby girl, but only at home. She fools everyone else into believing she is very reserved. She loves to try and do and be just like Henry but definitely has her own will outside of Henry's, much to his dismay. I'm so glad we have this little girl in our family and look forward to another year of her sweet face! 

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Maren said...

Happy birthday to Thea! Her outfit is adorable. I feel the same way about buying presents--on Sunday after church R was playing with someone else's toy so it was "new" but then a boy walked in with a balloon and I was left wondering why I don't just buy him a balloon for every holiday. I hope you got some use out of that thread on MWC for your lesson!