Monday, February 29, 2016

LA Arboretum and F.F.F

I've never heard the term 'forced family fun' before I saw my cousin use it in a facebook post this last weekend. It was exactly the way to describe how our Saturday activity went down. We had to go 'down the hill' to pick up a suit Johann had altered, and Johann wanted us to go to the Arboretum again before our passes expire at the end of March. I said I was for it but since we left later than we planned I was actually kind of cranky about it, and wasn't looking forward to getting back home with no time to accomplish some work at home. Once we got there though, it turned out to be a lot of fun, and unlike the last time we were there, there were hardly any geese around and therefore hardly any goose poop to step in. We had a good time exploring sections we had never been too. I think the herb garden is my favorite. It smells amazing, and is so beautiful. Glad Johann forced the family fun this weekend. I think it's his official job in our family. 

 We stayed in this area for a while and the kids played 'Little House in the Big Woods.' I was so proud. 

This sculpture is called, "Abundance." Poor California. 

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