Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Another Month, Another Goals Check

1. Attend the Temple 8 times
We're going this Friday night while the kids stay with my mom. We'll pick Leo up on our way back but Thea and Henry will spend the night. They are very excited. 

2. Make a monthly budget and keep a record of all spending throughout the month
I'm doing pretty poorly on this one. There have just been so many added costs here and there which is probably reason to be much more steadfast about it, but when ten at night rolls around, it's kind of the last thing I want to do. Hopefully next week we'll have the renovations done and paid so we can get square from there on doing a regular monthly budget. Anyone have any awesome tips on this? Do cash envelopes really work? So on and so forth. 

3. Be more supportive of others' creative endeavors by subscribing to podcasts, blogs and webcasts. Be involved by commenting and contributing etc. 
Still listening to podcasts and being head supporter for Henry and Johann as they participate in the ward talent show in a week and half. 

4. Make a family photo album
Still haven't started

5. Finish transcribing my dad's first journal
Summer project, methinks. 

6. Read President Hinckley's biography
Again, hopefully I'll start this during summer.

7. Have six lessons (one per month) on baptism for FHE to help prepare Henry
We had the 8 is Great in January, and in February we had a lesson on the covenants we make at baptism, and the blessings we receive from keeping them. 

8. Buy a house (we're in escrow right now, but until we've moved in, I'm going to hold my breath!)
Happy to say we haven't botched anything yet. 

9. Blog 4 times a month, once about homeschool
I did it, again!

10. Take family photos!!!
We have family coming in for Henry's baptism in June, so maybe we will do our immediately family at the same time my mom has scheduled pictures of my side. 

11. Exercise 3 times a week
I've been exercising every day, with the exception of Sundays, and one Saturday, and definitely eating less junk.  The results? I feel better overall but the scale doesn't seem to notice. Boo. 

12. Read a book a month
I finished 'The Paris Wife' and started 'The House of Mirth' by Edith Wharton which I just finished. I'm torn about 'The Paris Wife' because part of me thinks I'm just glad she and Hemingway split because he was such a mess, but from the writer's standpoint at least, she really did love him, and they experienced a lot together, especially things she probably wouldn't have had if she hadn't married him. I've also been brought back to the question of whether the art that comes from people like Hemingway is 'worth it.' I remember the impact I felt when I read 'For Whom the Bell Tolls,' but is that book worth all the crap he, and the people around him had to go through? I don't really have an answer. Let me know if you do. 
'The House of Mirth' was good. Not my favorite of Edith Wharton's but it was a good, depressing read like her other stuff. I tried to watch some of the film with Gillian Anderson but I only made it twenty minutes in. It was just bad. You've been warned. 

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