Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Week 1

This first week of summer was a bit of a frustrating one, but there were still some fun parts. The flu Henry came down with while we stayed at the Knott's Hotel continues to haunt the house. Johann finally succumbed to it on the last day of school for Henry (Thursday), but said by Friday morning he felt good enough to still go to LA for our anniversary weekend. So we went and it was a lot of fun, but he overdid it the first night there and didn't have a great night. The next day he was more cautious and Saturday was a great day, but he definitely missed stuffing his face with food and only getting to take a little bit at a time. Nevertheless, it was so nice to get away just the two of us. In our ten years of marriage we've never done that, but I think we should yearly now the kids are getting older.

The kids stayed with my mom and after we picked them up they were pooped, and Leo passed out while drawing on our bed. 
Sunday morning Johann was back to feeling fairly miserable again so I took the kids and we headed to church. Thankfully they were pretty good for me during sacrament meeting. 

After church Leo learned he could half adhere, and half balance a pancake on his tummy. This kid...

Monday was a hodgepodge day. We were all tired and so we mostly meandered about the house. The kids found a new way to eat their breakfast-on the windowsill. 

 Thea loves this crown my mom would give her Kindergarteners and got one when we helped clean out her classroom, now she wears it almost daily.

I finally cleaned and sorted in the playroom (again) and moved the old living room couch in since we got our new couch delivered last month.

Tuesday we met up with some friends at the little zoo/animal rescue in Phelan.

 I'm always amazed at how crazy it is to be standing so near tigers, bears, lions and a puma when we're there.

Thea had been feeling tired and weak on Tuesday, and Wednesday brought out that she was again sick with the gross flu/gastroenteritis everyone had already had. We were suppose to go to Knott's Berry Farm that day to make up for the day we missed because Henry was sick, but once again this stupid bug shut that down.

Thea was pretty upset we couldn't go, so Henry in one of his very sweet brother moments set up the wagon with a blanket and pillow then took Thea on a "ride" around the backyard, pretending it was a tour like you do on the Knott's Berry Farm train. She loved it!

Afterwards to try and keep her mind off of it we finally put together the terrarium she had gotten for her birthday last year.

 Grammy came by and took us to Costco just to get out of the house for a little bit then we came home and Thea took a nap and laid low the rest of the day.

Thursday Thea still continued to have issues so I decided we really needed to keep her down. It's hard because she's much less dramatic when she's sick, or maybe it just doesn't hit her as hard but she still wants to do everything but then gets wiped out.
So she and Henry made a little soccer match on the patio that morning complete with this creepy orangutang in the crowd...

The rest of the day was spent hiding from the heat inside, resting and trying to just keep everyone sane.

Friday morning Thea seemed better energy-wise and wasn't having as many trips to the bathroom so we took Leo to get his hair cut.

Then we stopped by the 'dinosaur' park and after it got too hot on the equipment we played in the grass under the tree shade.

Then we went by Target to pick up a couple things and went by the water toy section and got some squirt guns and water balloons that the kids played with when we got home after lunch.

Once they dried off we came inside and finished all the projects we hadn't done in our dinosaur greenbox. My brother got them for the kids for Christmas and I've let the kids do some of them already, but I hoarded the rest for summer entertainment. It worked out great because they worked on this nicely for quite some time.

After we left Target we also stopped by a donut shop for National Donut day because last year we went at night and they were all gone!
So after dinner we got to enjoy our donuts and watched 'Fievel Goes West' then sent the kids to bed, good and tired from the busy and what felt a little like the first real day of Summer break.

Saturday Johann had some report writing to do for work and I had a lot of errand running to do. Henry played in the backyard for a long time in the morning and found this. I understand it's cool, but it also makes me want to barf. It's either a rat, mouse, or squirrel head. We couldn't figure out for sure.

Thea preferred to stay inside wearing her favorite accessories. Leo went between in the house and out.

Then Sunday came, Thea was back to herself and we all were at church together for the first time in 3 weeks! It was nice.

And then right around bedtime Leo had a messy diaper and then again later at night. He stayed up with us watching the Durrell's telling us it was "BOW-ING, SO BOW-ING MOM!" until he fell asleep on the floor.
And that was the end of our first week of Summer break.

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