Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Week 2


Henry started his week long Lego camp (3 hours a day). Sadly they had to combine the younger and older class because the older class didn't have enough numbers. He was his predictably shy self at first, but then he warmed up, and was sad by the end of the week that Lego camp was over. They built simple machines, different vehicles, tree houses, and did a day of underwater themed building. Thanks again to Uncle Jacob for the awesome bday gift!

The class took place in the town hall rec center which is next to the civic center park (or dinosaur park as my kids call it), so I took Thea and Leo there to play for a while during the first class. It was also Leo's official birthday. We'll be celebrating in another week when the grandparents can be there.

 That evening for FHE we went to the library which is currently housed in a portable because the actual library is having the roof fixed, to sign up for the summer reading program. The kids got so excited and were all about reading their books when we got home. We also got to see Thea's Sunbeam teacher who now works there which made Thea extra excited.


 I got in a time crunch with everything I had to do errand-wise and I gave in and let the kids get McDonalds and let them eat it in the van while we waited for Henry's class to end, they all finished after Henry came out. Apparently eating fast food in the car but not in your seat is very exciting.

After that Thea went to a friend's house to play, and the boys and I had a very relaxed reading and tv watching afternoon until it was time to pick her up.


I told the kids if they got up on time we'd take breakfast to the park before Henry's class. They got up and got ready quickly so we headed to the park with some muffins and fruit to eat and play. The summer camp kids came out too and Henry saw a friend from school which was nice. Then we walked Henry over to class and headed back home.

The kids had all finished their books so after we picked up Henry we went to the library to drop off our books, get their prizes and pick out some more books.

Thursday was trying to get the house semi clean, do laundry and take Thea to the doctor's office to ask about another treatment for the molluscum that's been spreading. She doesn't wear anything twice, we never let he use the same towel twice and she's overly good about not touching it (we'll be driving and she'll say she brushed a finger near it so she better wash her hands) but it was still getting worse. The doctor proscribed some cream, so we'll see. It said it usually doesn't work but it's worth a try at least. Sigh.


Our much anticipated water day. The wind picked up and the temperature dropped, so it was windy and closer to 75 for our event sadly, but we still had lots of friends there and overall I'd say it went really well and the kids had a good time.
 missing some kiddos to the playground including Thea and Leo


We had a fairly relaxed morning, Henry's friend was dropped off because his family had a wedding down the hill and he had Scout Twilight Camp. Henry, and all the kids liked having a friend over. In the late afternoon I dropped them off, then came back home. Johann left soon after that to teach the class on weather for the Webelos, then ran some errands until the camp was done and he could bring them home. They had fun getting to do hotdogs and s'mores over the fire, as well as the hike and other classes. All the kids were hungry though so at 9pm I left a table of kids gobbling down cereal to go swap the youth dance chaperoning with another person in the presidency who has to be home. I got a text a little before the dance was over that Henry's friend was picked up and the last kid had finally gone to sleep. I got home and Johann and I started the original Manchurian Candidate we bought during an iTunes sale. Old people.

Sunday morning I woke up to the kids making a 'web maze'. Always a surprise. A normal Sunday for the most part. I subbed the 11 year old boy's primary class and Johann subbed the 17 year old youth class. After church we read and just relaxed at home.

In an unusual turn of events for me, the part that is usually tightly wound is certainly not. I have a list of things I want to get done this summer but all I feel like doing is relaxing. It's an odd but very calm way to have existed for the last little bit. Hopefully I'll get my fill of it before I have to kick into gear to get ready for Girls' Camp at the end of the month. 
Now on to week 3!

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