Saturday, October 3, 2009

Henry, Henry, Henry.

As you probably noticed from earlier, Henry has done a lot of growing over the past summer. I'm also happy to report that it looks like teeth 5,6, 7 and possibly 8 are on their way-hallelujah-maybe even a molar or two but I'll not get my hopes up. Poor kid has been trying to gum all his food for a very long time. He is a funny kid and currently loves: playing at the park (will now go down the slide by himself); sitting on chairs at the table like the adults; "reading" in his book box; going on walks; doggies; duckies; elephants; putting his clothes in the hamper and wrappers and paper in the trash can.
Though I miss being in school, staying home with Henry is the right thing for us right now and though challenging at times I am getting less uptight about toy messes and he is becoming quite a fun little guy.


Lauren said...

He is such a cute boy! We really need to see you guys some time soon!

Megan said...

I LOVE his hair!! Carter is only dreaming of having that much hair! I am glad he is getting more teeth. That will make feeding SO much easier. Carter has all his teeth except for his 2 year old molars. That Henry of yours just gets cuter and cuter!