Sunday, October 25, 2009

The BIG boo boo

With Henry's desire to climb, jump,stand on the edge of everything and ignore large objects in front of him, he is no stranger to boo boos. He has had his fair share of bruises, scrapes and so forth. But about three weeks ago he got his first 'this is freaking me out, should I take him to the emergency room' boo boo. I'm pretty sure had my mom not been here visiting, I would have been a teary eyed mess sitting in an emergency room for a ridiculously long time with a confused little boy. So what exactly happened? he came running into the kitchen, slipped and hit his head at a terrible angle on the corner of the wall. And then came the blood, the freaking out (mostly me), the reassuring (my mom) and then the frozen vegetables on the head (Henry). I can't believe how quickly Henry calmed down, it seemed like the worst part for him was having that bag of vegetables on his forehead. Poor guy.
I think what still drives me the most crazy is the fact that there are some accidents I will just never be able to prevent just like the one mentioned above. Then again, I guess there are always those crazy baby helmets, right Candace?
So without further adieu, here are some pictures of the damage:

*There was a family in my old homeward who has a "Boo Boo Scrapbook" where there were pictures of almost every injury a family member had. Is that weird? I think that might actually be kind of funny to have.


1stdaughter said...

I think the scrapbook idea is great! It's fun to have themes or else it just gets boring. And that one would be funny, as a family thing to look at. My hubby's family would be packed full of stitches, coming from a family of four boys, it's crazy!

Megan said...

Poor baby!!!! I think I would have been right along with you at the ER. I am glad he is doing better.