Thursday, October 15, 2009

Henry and the real boy

Henry and the real boy:
For Johann's birthday I always try to have a pinata. The fact that Mexican Independence Day is the same date as Johann's birthday is helpful. This year the least beat up one left the morning of Johann's birthday was an Ernie from Sesame Street look alike. After pulling it down Henry got very indignant with the idea that I would have Ernie sitting in the cart and refused to be placated until he was riding in the seat of the cart next to him.
Once we got to the car, same story. Henry was horrified when I tried to put Ernie in the trunk, so he held him while in his car seat.
When we got home Henry took Ernie and climbed up on the couch and watched an episode of Super Y together. After the show was over Henry was dragging Ernie around and showing him his toys while I went into the kitchen to finish Johann's cake and then "AHHHHH" Henry screamed and ran up to me pointing in horror at a face planted Ernie. Once Ernie was upright again, all was fine.

During Henry's nap I (now in retrospect) stupidly hung Ernie up for Johann's party. Yeah, reaction when he got up from his nap-not so good. "Ermy down! Down! Down!" I guess I would be mortified to see my new best friend strung up too. So down he came and Johann obviously didn't bash him to smithereens ( can you imagine the horror?) to retrieve his mexican candy.

After two weeks the papers coming off of "Ermy" were starting to drive me nuts so I finally gave him the heave ho, don't worry, Henry seems to have adjusted fine. But now the question stands, if he is perfectly happy with a pinata brother, do I really need to have anymore kids? ;-)


Stephanie S. Toone said...

That is hilarious! You have one cute little boy - the cutest one he and McKelle's age group. I love his blonde hair! It's cute to hear kid speak. McKelle loves "Eeenee" as well!

The comstocks said...

Ha ha that is so funny, ya dont bother having more children just buy more ernies it's cheater that way!

Lev and Lena said...

at least you know who is his friend:)and that his friend will not teach him bad things:) let him stay!

Emily and Mike said...

That is SO funny! How cute is he???

Lauren said...

Hey Deborah! Good points on my blog...and so true. I agree-it is so individual...anyways, how are you guys? Henry is getting so big!