Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No, no, NO, nooo

I took this video about a month ago while my mom was here visiting and Henry's favorite word was still, "no." Don't get me wrong, he still loves when he can say no to things but he's definitely mellowed with it. He likes to watch this video and mimic himself especially with the last question. I guess there are some things that even a lover of the word "no" cannot resist.


Maren said...

I can't look at your video because of the proxy server thing. But I bet it's cute!

I'm really not keeping busy here--I spend most of my time bored at home, so it's good that I'm going to get out a bit, even if it is to teach English. As for grad school, I'm applying to 2 International Development programs and 1 International Education Policy program. All with gender emphases of course. ;) Not sure what's going to happen at this point though...I guess it depends on what kind of financial aid we get.

Megan said...

Oh he is SO cute and so funny!!!!! That is so cute that he loves to watch it!

Lev and Lena said...

Henry is being Henry :)) I love this video! Would be funny if he said seriously (to the question about million): do you have it?