Sunday, January 24, 2010

From the Top

Johann and I love "From the Top" with Christopher O'Rielly. We went to the U of U when they recorded one of their radio broadcasts back in September. Our favorite was a young girl, I believe only 7 or 8, who played the trumpet solo from The Carnival of Venice. It was so beautiful. I've never heard a trumpet sound the way she played it; like it was made of rose gold rather than brass: so full and warm. Her father taught her after she insisted on it by secretly teaching herself to prove to him she could play. He wanted her to play violin, which she could also do a little. Amazing! These kids make me think I have been wasting all my time!
Another favorite was a boy about 15 or so who played a really eerie modern piece on the marimba. It gave me goosebumps!
Sadly, the PBS show comes on just as we leave for church and we only catch about 10 minutes or so a week. I need to start downloading the podcasts. Anyway, to the main point: all this watching child prodigies makes me think, I wonder what Henry will want to play, because even if he never continues on, I think it is good for all kids to have some exposure to music lessons. So, what do you think Henry will play? My hope is cello or bassoon. My expectation is drums. ha! =)

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Mary said...

That's funny, I always list cello and bassoon as the two instruments I would have loved to learn! (seriously) And I totally agree, I am determined to have all my children study music to at least some degree.