Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorites

Pretty original title, right?

I have a lot of catching up to do, but a quick post will need to suffice.

This week's favorites:

Activity-Hiking the Battle Creek Falls trail in Pleasant Grove with Johann and Henry. Easy and pretty trail.

Quote-The columnist Sidney J. Harris has said that an educated man is one who understands the implications of his beliefs. One can't really understand the implications of his beliefs in connection with the gospel of Jesus Christ unless he understands, conceptually, what it is all about. Obviously, we do not know in depth, nor do we know all things, but for us not to know the implications of out beliefs make us vulnerable intellectually and behaviorally in a way that is not true if we can develop our conceptual powers. There are great opportunities to achieve this kind of development in the home and in the Church organizations. The need for greater individual study of the gospel-more scholarship on the part of individual members who do not demand of the Church that it supply them with intellectual handouts-is also something which can start to be met in the home. We can be much more effective as leaders and followers if we engaged in individual gospel scholarship. Neal A. Maxwell, The Collected Works of Neal A. Maxwell, Volume 1, "...A More Excellent Way" p. 126.

Conference Talk- Sister Beck's 2007 April address to the YW session. She is incredible.

Meal-Beef and wild rice

Thing to lust after-Books to stock up on for Henry from Puffin Classics.
You can go here and enter to win a set for free. If you win it though, you
owe me book for leading you there. I WILL haunt you.

Blog Post-From my friends Kelly and Nate's blog: My Mini Monster Squad. 1. because they are so cute! 2. I have hopes that sucking up publicly will help ingratiate me so I can get one for Henry. =)

Well, that should do it for this week. I will be working on catching up as the time becomes available.

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