Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

"There is something redemptive about nature," I heard a professor say on a radio program I sometimes catch in the car. This past Memorial Day weekend, I lived that. Things were a little down here in the Simonds' house so getting out and taking a little trail walk felt wonderfully peaceful and soul-soothing. In fact, we've even decided to try and be a more out-doorsie family because of it. Here are a few pictures from our little walk by a lake trail:

We showed Henry some pill bugs, or rollie pollies, whatever you prefer, and he made a tunnel and kept shouting to the bug to go through the tunnel...

We made our way back from the trail in the rain and decided we weren't outdoors-family enough to do anything else outside. So we did some s'mores inside with our gas fireplace. Henry loved it.

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