Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boot List

I don't like the way, "Bucket List" sounds. I also didn't like the movie. So I looked up synonyms for the phrase and found a list of titles in foreign countries for the above mentioned film. Apparently in Hungarian the title "Bakancslista" translates to "Boot List," which I find sufficiently more pleasing and therefore our list of things to do before we leave Utah will be called our "BOOT LIST."

We are still not positive where we will be but all signs point out of Utah since the districts here are crowded already with interns. Enough of that, this isn't time to whine about not knowing our future, that'll be for another post. Now some of these are silly or may seem stupid but they are things we've thought of that we can't do or do again outside UT so why not do 'em now.
So, without further adieu:

Simonds' family Utah Boot List:

1. Attend a session at the Salt Lake Temple
2. Go to the Gateway Discovery Children's Museum
3. Go to the Springville MOA
4. Go to the BYU MOA and eat at the MOA Cafe. yumm...
5. Visit Logan and/or Ogden. (We've never been north of SLC so we thought we should give it a whirl)
6. Visit one of those fancy SLC bakeries
7. Go to a BYU performance
8. Attend the SLC symphony or opera
9. Go to Seven Peaks
10. Eat at Diegos
11. Go bowling at BYU or FatCats
12. Hike the Y
13. Drive the Alpine loop
14. Ride the Heber Creeper
15. Ride one of the city buses
16. Visit Manti and see the temple
17. Go to the Spiral Jetty (I doubt we'll be able to do this one since we don't have a truck...sigh)
18. Go to the Cathedral of the Madeline
19. Attend a UofU symphony or Opera performance
20. Visit Magna (I know...but Johann's grandma was born or grew up there so he wants to see it)

Well, there we go. If we can even do half of these with the little time we have left I will be pretty happy. If you can think of any more that are ridiculously important for us to include, please leave a comment.
Here's to the boot list!


Amber Lenora said...

The Dodo. Delish. And call me when you go :) It's by my home. Actually, call me for any of them :)

Gdub said...

The Spiral Jetty is actually not that cool. It looks neat from the air, but other than that, it's not much to look at.

You should definitely hit up Zion national park, or at least take the drive through Kolob Canyon. It's too beautiful to miss.

Bryan and Natalie said...

You forgot the Zion narrows and things in St. George, like seeing Brigham Young's winter home. But if you end up in Vegas then those things will be a lot more convenient to do then.