Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Preschool Field Trip: Build a Bear Workshop

Henry's last day of preschool before Spring break was a field trip to the Build a Bear Workshop at the mall.
Since we live right around the corner from the mall, I went ahead and took him myself. We got there a little early and there were Easter photos being done right across from the store. The Easter bunny showed up and gave Henry some ears. Henry kept asking why he wasn't wearing pants. Legitimate question.
Henry, his ears and his super girly pose. We had been looking in baby gap right before this and he said this was how they pose.

The field trip got a little hairy when everyone showed up and Miss Nancy (Henry's teacher, my cousin) talked to them and it turned out there was some mix up with the date of the field trip. They only had one worker there. Yikes.

After some singing and dancing with the kids though, they were ready to go.

Each kid got to pick a bear, name it, stuff it and put a heart in it.

Henry picked a brown bear and named him 'Pirate'

Both the younger and older preschoolers with their bears

Since I was there with Henry and he was being a good boy and it was actually cheaper than I expected, I let him pick a costume for his bear. And he picked....

a lucha libre costume. Yup. Another reason I like Henry.

Finally we headed over to the park and the kids had their teddy bear picnic. =)

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Joshua and Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, he is getting so big. That bear is cute. His costume is the best.